Whether it be wood, metal, fiber-reinforced polymers or hybrids, we only use top quality materials to ensure maximum durability or performance.


We are on the frontier of alloy types, using the highest quality metals and matrices to make the hottest bats possible with longevity in mind.


Our fiber reinforced products are the most innovative designs on the market. As fitting as it is, fiber reinforcement is the most advanced in materials science. Putting the two together makes for the best equipment on the market money can buy. We engineer our products for maximum performance in every level and regulation of play.


For our wood products, we constantly use and test various species of wood to find just the right balance. We use woods such as ash, birch, maple, hickory, cherry, oak, yew, and osage. For our wood composites, we use a combination of composites and laminates to optimize the properties of each bat. Our knowledge and open mindedness means that we are always looking for the best and if we don’t have it yet, we will.


We analyze every product we make for the best properties you can find. We do full computer simulated analysis with on-field statistical verifications of each design, combining attributes such as swing plane, strength, and hand speed analysis to optimize the perfect bat for your level of play. That’s fancy talk for— “We do a lot of work to get just the right bat for your specific needs”.

We use FED analysis to determine the power and off-node performance (sweet spot) of each design as well as testing the rebound characteristics of each cut of wood. By breaking down the performance of the bat by each component, we can offer combined characteristics not found by other bat models

Knob Fluidity

We are trailblazers of knob designs, incorporating standard and classic designs as well as new types of knob designs, including our patented Fishtail Pommel Knob
We offer knob designs from standard and tapered to basically no-knob or taper at all, just a straight handle. Whatever you want, we have. If we don’t have it, we can make it.

Fishtail Pommel Knob (Sword/Curve)

Our patented knob is a revolutionary design, inspired by a long-lost source of innovation, swords, a swinging implement that warriors relied upon for survival. Having gone through thousands of years of innovation, our adaptation of this creates a flattened profile that conforms to the hand, rather than obstruct. This opens different gripping options that a player can choose to have the bat feel most personal, which also comes with the benefit of safety by relieving pressure off the hand. This safety allows players to swing harder without injuring themselves, increasing performance. Additionally, the taper of the handle has much better leverage to increase bat speed. The alignment of the knob can be positioned on wood bats to position onto 2 specific sides, improving durability by guaranteeing contact on the strongest part of the wood (no more need for label up).

P271 With Fishtail Curve Knob
Custom CD27 With Fishtail Sword Knob


A recent resurgence of interest in knobless designs has come up, fueled by desires to improve safety of players from the most common of slugger injuries (palm blisters and hamate bone fractures). These are an old design from the era of baseball where players would make their own bats or hire the local woodworker to make one for them. The design tapers out of the handle but does not include a knob that would brush on your hand. This improves safety and lowers restriction of the swing to improve performance without straying too far from the traditional feel of a round handle that most players grow up on.

Pseudo-Bell Knob

Combines the meaty feel of a bell knob with the traditional knob’s ability to rest your hand on material. Unlike a traditional bell knob, this knob doesn’t force you to choke up on the bat, losing length. This combines the traditional feel of a standard knob that doesn’t fill up your hand, with the braced support of a bell knob and added mass to improve bat balance.


Cone Knob

A unique take on the no-knob that includes a straight taper from the handle to end. It accentuates the safety capabilities of the no-knob design by reducing overall size but adds more material in the bottom hand in order to retain support. Like the no-knob, this design improves safety and lowers restriction of the swing to improve performance without straying too far from the traditional feel of a round handle that most players grow up on.


This is a fun one. Based on old designs and cricket-style bats, this is a bat designed for safety and comfort with the off-chance of a thrown bat every now and then. The benefits of this design are in its ability to reduce weight and volume. If you are a connoisseur of sticky substances, you typically are not in need of a knob to brace your hand. What this then allows you to do is drop an extra ounce or 2 from the handle compared to the standard variant of the bat. This makes the bat swing lighter overall with the balance point closer to the contact point, adding power efficiency (not overall power, simply improved power-swing weight ratio). The reduced volume also means that for the same weight, you can use denser wood for more power. The Fishtail Pommel Knob also achieves this function, but having nothing there at all, takes this to the extreme.

Show off your style with an artfully crafted look sure to turn heads. Order your custom, hand-painted bat today!