P424 (Mjolnir)


These Are Special Effects that can be added to the the colors. Some only work with specific color options. For example, white wash, flame temper and ring burn only work on natural and unfinished color options since they are wood based modifications
Increases balance for more control and speed, slightly reduces mishit performance off the end and overall power. Slight increase to durability and mishit performance on the hands due to denser wood being used
Ink dot markings visually prove that MLB grade wood is being used. May be required for certain wood bat leagues.
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Inspired by the 422HD, the P424 is a bat explicitly designed around the usage of High Density billets. It was designed from the ground up with High Density wood in mind rather than modified to fit higher density wood. Features a good forgiving barrel with a moderate swing weight. High Density wood increases durability to a substantial degree and the increased hardness also improves exit velocity. The increased stiffness of higher density wood also increases mishit performance. The sound of High Density wood on solid contact is reminiscent of a gunshot. As with most higher density bats, barrel size is smaller and drop weights are usually .5 oz heavier. Neither of these factors reduce performance scale weight is relative to swing weight and barrel size is mostly an appearance characteristic, but it is a difference to note

Additional information

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 37 × 3 × 3 in


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