CD27 (Mjolnir)


These Are Special Effects that can be added to the the colors. Some only work with specific color options. For example, white wash, flame temper and ring burn only work on natural and unfinished color options since they are wood based modifications
Increases balance for more control and speed, slightly reduces mishit performance off the end and overall power. Slight increase to durability and mishit performance on the hands due to denser wood being used
Ink dot markings visually prove that MLB grade wood is being used. May be required for certain wood bat leagues.
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Designed in-house as a balanced version of the CD26, the CD27 also uses High Density wood and like all High Density turn models, has amazing levels of durability and exit velocity off the barrel with the iconic gunshot-like sound when hit. The CD27 trades some of the barrel performance of the CD26 for more balance to increase bat speed and control. Despite the trade-off, the mishit performance is still fantastic with a good amount of forgiveness in the handle. The main aspect of the CD27 is the unmatched swing weight to pop ratio, so that even younger players can hit balls as hard as seasoned vets. Very popular with women’s and co-ed baseball.


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